Our staff at Docter’s Interior Plantscaping are experts at designing colorful, tasteful holiday decorating and decor that says you care to tenants, customers, and employees. Our holiday decorating service staff will decorate from the most traditional to the most unique with lifelike trees, wreaths and garland as well as live plants and flowers. Our unusual designs are tailored to each customer’s special needs.

Commercial holiday decorating service is a year round business for us. We start in January by looking at upcoming trends in ornaments and decor to use the following December. Our decorations are of the highest quality and our exclusive, original designs will help set your commercial property or facility apart. We have the expertise to range from small office jobs to large installations. We began our Christmas decorating services in the early 1980’s with creative scenes in local banks, hotels and car dealerships. Since 1997, we have annually provided installations of over forty trees, which today include twenty-five foot, fifteen foot and twelve foot trees along with more common interior sizes, utilizing themed, full-scale decor enhanced by coordinating wreaths, swags, garlands and arrangements. We continue each year with these large clients and strive to go bigger and better each consecutive year.

Our commercial holiday decorating service includes design, install, take down and storage. We store all of our client décor at our warehouse. This provides a safe and secure location for the décor and allows us easy access. We hire more than fifteen employees (many who return to install holiday decorations year after year) to handle the extra holiday work. This allows us to install all the decorations in a timely and efficient manner.


If your office building, hotel, hospital or car dealership is looking for a holiday decorating service company, call Docter’s Interior Plantscaping today at (708) 333-3323.