Mini Orchids Available from Docter Interior Plantscaping

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Mini Orchids

Docter Interior Plantscaping will be selling Mini Orchids on Saturday, July 25th.

We are again scheduled to be at the South Holland Town Center Marketplace at Rt. 6 & South Park Ave. from 9 am to 2 pm. Our featured product is the JUST ADD ICE Mini Orchid. Pictured here are just a few of the beautiful colors to choose from.

Mini Orchids are easy to grow.

Orchids are easier to care for than you might think. As they grow in a loose media of moss or bark, they do not need a great deal of water.  Just one ice cube a week for these miniatures is enough moisture to produce these gorgeous blooms.  Once your blooms expire, you just need to cut the stem back to the first notch.  The plant will rest for about two months while producing a new leaf.  In that time, it may shoot out a few new “air roots”, and then you will see a new stem begin to develop.  As the stem reaches higher, it will develop buds that will begin to open to allow you to experience the delight of a whole new batch of blooms that will last for another three to four months.  Each bloom cycle will take approximately six months.  As long as you are faithful in your “watering” with that ice cube application, you should have many seasons of blooms.

These mini orchids are just that – miniatures!  They will stay petite and are a great live pop of color for any place in your home that needs just a bit of glorious life to bring that tropical joy to your environment.


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