Docter’s 8 Health Benefits of Live Plants

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Docter Interior Plantscaping Promotes Health Benefits of Plants…


Have you ever wished you knew just why you always feel better when you find yourself in an environment that includes live plants? Health benefits of live plants are more numerous than you might think.  Live plants have a huge impact on the people around them.  Studies show how people’s creativity, productivity and emotional well-being are all increased when they are surrounded by plants.

1. General Health: Live plants decrease “Sick Building Syndrome” by 25%  just by being present.

2. Humidity: Live plants return over 90% of the water we give them back into the atmosphere.

3. Noise Reduction:  Live plants absorb, diffract and reflect sound waves so that noise is reduced, producing a calmer, more productive environment.

4. Effectiveness:  Live plants, with their calming effect, raise efficiency as much as 12% due to a greater ability for concentration and increased productivity.

5.  Clean Air:  Live plants absorb as much as 87% of toxic emissions through their leaves and their growing medium and emit oxygen for people to breathe naturally filtered air within 24 hours. (Photosynthesis)

6.  Decreased Ailments:  Live plants account for 20% less fatigue, 30% fewer sore throats, 30% fewer headaches and 40% less coughs.

7.  Energy:  Live plants create their own mini micro-climate around them as they absorb heat, reducing the amount of air conditioning necessary, thereby reducing energy costs.

8.  HAPPY:  Live plants make us feel happier and more content with life in general.

Experience Live Plants daily to improve the quality of your air, perform better and help find more contentment and happiness in your life!


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