Living with Biophilia

Docter Interior Plantscaping defines Biophilia: a condition of bonding with plants/nature… What is this new Buzz Word in the plantscaping industry?  Biophilia!  It sure sounds like a disease and certainly, if not a disease, some chronic condition we need to … Continued

African Violets at Docter Interior Plantscaping

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Docter’s Interior Plantscaping features African Violets at the Town Center Marketplace every Saturday this season through October 3rd.   Growing African Violets is Simple. African Violets are great plants for indoor growing because of their beauty and easy care.  These plants … Continued

Docter’s 8 Health Benefits of Live Plants

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Docter Interior Plantscaping Promotes Health Benefits of Plants… Have you ever wished you knew just why you always feel better when you find yourself in an environment that includes live plants? Health benefits of live plants are more numerous than … Continued